The secret to move forward is to start…
New Life opens its doors to fulfill the dream of three resourceful young people , each one with its own specialization and professionalism, joined by a desire to get involved, to create a new project in the world of wooden seating and furnishings: to turn sketches , designs, and projects into works.
The key points of the project are Flexibility, Quality, Service, Partnerships and Environment.
Quality for New Life means identifying customers real needs and involving them effectively in this process.
Meet their needs and exceed their own expectations by continuing to improve.
Quality is the defense against the competition and the way to sustainable growth with profit.
The guarantee that the organization’s activities are carried out exactly as planned is given by the Certification ISO 9001.
The New Life product is 100% made in Italy, from raw material to finished product.
The high quality standard is guaranteed by the purchase of the finest woods, by the quality controls at various steps of processing and by finishing proceedings that take care of every detail and provides the test of every single piece. The materials and the production procedure always take into account the respect of the environment.
The FSC certification ensures the promotion of a worldwide responsible forest management

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33048 San Giovanni al Natisone (UD) – ITALY

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