Tekhne was established in Cormòns (Gorizia) in 1994 , by the desire of the founders to build a company based on quality, with a contemporary design and highly characterized by a recognizable identity. The identity of Tekhne is based on the expertise gained in years of activity and presence especially in the international market. The collections of chairs, armchairs and tables represent Tekhne as fixed point of departure of the offer series products, in order to arrive at design solutions highly customized and packaged according to the customer’s personality and sensibility. The ability to customize their own products, in terms of combinations of finishes and materials, has always been one of the ” core competencies ” Tekhne. The main world to which Tekhne is addressed is the collective spaces : hotels, restaurants , business centers and conference venues. The same quality standards of “contract” are also maintained in”habitat” area, where custode can find response to his most different needs. Tekhne’s products can be defined as “Made in Italy” both for the location of the production chain, and for the equilibrium and the personality of the design that distinguishes every product.

via Comunale del Rovere 5
33048 San Giovanni al Natisone (UD)
T +39 0432 746 645
f +39 0432 936 701