Edi & Paolo Ciani
51,50 x 44,50 cm, h 170,50 cm / 45,50 x 38,50 cm, h 102,50 cm

MEMORABILIA model upright coat stands with wooden frame.
Made entirely from solid beechwood, the shape of the MEMORABILIA coat stand evokes a tree with roots, trunk and branches. The central column rests on a triangular tripod base, while the upper part of the stem has 2 pairs of 3 hooks: the first ones are small, while the second ones are large and equipped with a special rounded coat hook.

MEMORABILIA model upright valet stand with wooden frame.
The MEMORABILIA valet stand is made in solid wood with a tripod base, the characteristic element of its aesthetics. In the upper part of the column there is a hook in contoured wood, a styled metal-rod trouser hanger bar and a handy tray with raised edges.


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